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With over 30 years experience in the electronics industry team; efficient, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing as possible with the new generation of lighting in the era of the electronic chip material, the lighting industry has been focused on. This experience fully reflect the products and customers a reliable brand is proud to serve.

GATEK; with reference to the functional lighting standards: The light on the living biological, physical and psychological effects, aesthetic indoor and outdoor use, place and purpose is to design products according to.

The most efficient, aesthetic and durable lighting solutions, to produce quality investments in R & D and experienced team continues full speed. Every day by the addition of a new technological products, GATEK has been the adres and the brand of lighting.

Products are grouped under two main headings. Indoor Lighting: Offices, stores, warehouses, factory areas, indoor sports fields. Outdoor Lighting: Street, street, square, open spaces, parks, gardens, sports fields, tunnel lighting.


Our business; adopts an approach that preserves and increases the quality of life of its employees and all other stakeholders; It shapes its activities in line with the principles set out below in order to minimize the damage that its activities may cause to the environment.

Our business in this direction;

It determines the impact of its work on the environment and takes all kinds of measures to minimize the negative effects.

Uses the energy and natural resources required for their work in the most efficient way; takes necessary measures to prevent waste.

It keeps the wastes generated at the end of its works under control; takes the necessary precautions to prevent the pollution of air, water and soil and develops them continuously.

It fulfills the other requirements of the applicable environmental legislation and the organizations that it is a member of, in the work it does, the services it offers and the products it produces.

It ensures that all environmental studies are carried out in line with the policies it has established and its continuity.

If there is a harmful effect to the environment in order not to harm the life, property and property of itself or other persons, it controls the danger at the beginning, continuously monitors it, makes the necessary arrangements and provides all possible protection during the implementation phase.

It ensures that its work is open to the public interest and public access.

It conducts continuous training and awareness-raising activities in order to improve the environmental awareness of its employees.